Begin your experience...

with the goal that lives in your heart

I have a sense of that...from both sides of the journey

There are those who may tell you they understand.

No one can.

Unless they have walked the journey you are about to embark upon...they cannot know it, and even then...

their story is their's and your's will be yours...

​Just as mine was mine.

  In 1969, I walked that path, and it was not an easy choice.

Forty-five years later, I decided to become a Doula, primarily to help other women of all ages who were making the difficult decision to gift their children to adoptive families.

It would be an incredible privilege to be with you through that experience, not only for you and your unborn child,

and also for me, and for the adopting parents.

For you to have the support of another woman who remembers, only too well, the experience of not having any support, I would like to encourage you to contact me, and let's talk.

If you are a couple, actively seeking to adopt a child, I would also love for you to consider having a Doula by the side of your future child's biological mother...whether in this country or abroad.

There is now evidence-based information showing the importance of a Doula supported birth, and the impact of that on the child.

Travel was in my blood for 32 yrs so I always have a bag packed!

*See fee skd regarding long distance travel expenses

As a 32 yr veteran Flight Attendant, I was blessed to bring many children from Russia to this country who were being adopted.  I also spent time in the orphanages of Moscow as well.  Those days are among  some of my favorite life memories...days that I know mattered!

There is no language barrier between hearts.

I Remember*

...excerpt from Who Is That Woman?

by Linda Aileen Miller, LMT


​...the ultimate gift from one woman to another...