Begin your experience...

with the goal that lives in your heart

simply sensational...

to sweet and simple....

One of the most important things I hope you gain from our work together...will be the feeling that this is YOUR time!   YOUR no other!!!

Sure it's about your newborn baby is about YOU!   The privilege of being a woman and giving birth cannot be compared to anything else...ever!

There is NO greater experience on earth, at least none that I have discovered in 66 yrs, than the experience of becoming a MOM.

It is my intention to help you feel this deep in your soul, to embrace and experience it in a way that until today, perhaps you had not imagined was possible.

Music? Soft Lights? Coming home to a spotlessly clean home?   Someone to make calls to  family & friends, so you can just cuddle with your partner & baby at least for the first few hours?  Name it!  If there were no limits to how you would create your perfect birth experience what would it look like?

At home or in the hospital?  Have you considered  all the possibilities?  Let me help you brainstorm for this magnificent day!! 

Someone to prepare (or pick up) a beautiful gourmet meal to celebrate at  the end of your labor journey, and deliver it piping hot to share with your partner, in the calm afterglow of your birthing experience...just the three of you?  We can make that happen...

The list is limitless, and part of my job can be to help you find those who can truly help you fulfill  your experience the way you want to create it top to bottom.

You deserve to plan this day...for YOU!  For ALL of you!  If I don't know who can fill the job you need done...I'll do my best to find someone who can!!

Photos during the process?  Super!  Either your partner, or I can take photos for you, or perhaps another trusted family member or friend will be willing to take on that task.   If not, I've got a few pro's in my back pocket too, if that is more in line with what you're wanting.

Looking in great in labor can be a piece of cake & sometimes can be a challenge.  As frivolous as it may you have a good friend or favorite hairdresser who might be willing to come to make sure your make-up is still intact, hair is happy & private parts stay private?

I was amazed during my Doula training at the actual 'team' that some people choose to have to make the delivery day totally over the top phenomanal!

Rather keep it  sweet and simple?  We can do that too.

You still deserve the luxury of your favorite meal (even if that happens to be  a Five Guys double cheeseburger), photos that are once in a lifetime shots and little things that will truly give you baby time that is irreplaceable.

You have friends that want to help?  Its hard for you to accept.  Perfect!  Give me a list & I'll suggest each they take a  night to bring dinner, or a simple errand that you might need doing.  They get to feel useful, get to visit with your new little miracle...and you can totally devote more time to your own recovery, to baby and your partner, and your stress level will stay minimized to a dull roar!!!

 Ultimately, YOU call the shots!  My job is to help make it flow effortlessly.

Next to your wedding day, this may be one of the most significant days in your life.  I'm hoping you will  look over the services menu, and let me know how I can help make it extra special, because the memories of this day will live in your hearts forever!  LET'S  DO THIS...together!