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Doula fees & what they include:

To begin, we schedule two initial meetings (approximately one hr each) one in my office & one at your home, including spouse/partner or others you may choose to be present during your labor.  Listening to your concerns, covering possible options, organizing with you what your expectations may be, and how I may be able to help make that come together with ease and grace is of the up-most importance.

At this time, we go over how a Doula compliments the labor and delivery process, answering questions from you and your partner, because Doulas support not only the Mom but also the Dad.

Following our initial meetings, I will also be available primarily by text or email for questions.

At our second meeting I will add your 'Due Date' to my calendar, and commit to be with you from your first phone call-"I think I may be in labor"... until you are holding your newborn miracle... skin to skin.

Part of a Doula's required training is also about helping new mom's breast feed giving your newborn essential nourishment right from the beginning, and letting it be simple and natural...because it is!  How wonderful to be able to give your child rich nutrition and save literally thousands of dollars from formula costs while doing it!!!

Did you know God created the umbilical cord to be just long enough that once your baby is born it is the perfect length to allow baby to immediately be placed on your chest, and nuzzle his/her way to their first feeding? doing so this assists your body in completing the third stage of labor, and releasing the placenta!!!

Depending on what you, your caregivers, physician and/or mid-wife feel comfortable with, and have requested regarding when you need to go to the hospital,  I will either meet you at your home until your labor has progressed, or meet you directly @ the hospital/birthing center.  Many studies have shown staying in your own environment often makes labor easier and less stressful.  Ultimately, the decision is long as it flows with "511".

In any case, from that moment on, you will be totally supported!

Doctors and nurses are caring for more th​an one patient at a time.  Their education, experience, & skills are an integral part of this journey.  They are the medical link, which is first and foremost,  however, they can't always be at your side even under the best of circumstances.

Your partner may be meeting us there, perhaps coming straight from work.  At some point all of us will need food or  a moment for the restroom.  It takes more than one person to truly support your labor, and delivery process.

The most recent birth I attended the mom labored @ home for 15 hrs with comfortable sporadic contractions. She followed that with 10 hrs @ the hospital...all natural, no meds, no vaginal tears, happy, healthy baby who nursed within moments of delivery!  It took ALL of us assisting her throughout a long, beautiful day, much of which she chose to labor standing, holding onto Dad in front with me doing pressure points simultaneously on her back.

It was a group blessing!

In those moments, with a Doula, you will have someone with you...someone trained to support the process you will be experiencing and help guide you through it.

Documented evidence-based information has proven when a Mom & Doula work together the need for medication, i.e. Epidurals, Pitocin, and C-sections are greatly diminished!

And yes, I, too will need a minute for the restroom, or a quick bite to eat...and I promise to make sure that you will have someone's  undivided attention....always!

A Doula's job is to be a helping companion.  They will never replace your partner, parent, friend,  mid-wife, nurses or doctors.  When you want private time you get it.  I step outside or sit silently in a corner...out of your personal space  yet close enough to help when you need me.


It is a privilege to use my life experiences to help make your day magical.

As your Doula, I bring my own overnight bag, tools of my trade...Rebozo's, pillows,  birthing balls, massage therapy tools, rollers, printed  guides to share with you & your partner for acupressure points that often alleviate pressure/pain,  ways to help your baby turn & expedite the delivery process and more....including pics of "Dad" cutting the cord!



I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist, and ...I include one 90 minute Myofascial Release session for all pregnant mom's prior to their delivery date in my fee schedule.  Experience has shown,  it is important for us to work together ahead of time to help your body prepare for the job it is about to accomplish!  What I have seen in the past with pregnant mother's is receiving therapy, releasing tension and stress does make the actual  'Birth-day' easier!

Having completed over 10 yrs & 800+ hrs of training, along with six weeks of Intensive treatment for myself, with John F. Barnes, PT I am considered an Expert Level MFR Therapist.  Myofascial Release is a form of bodywork which often brings up body memory, so working with emotion, stress, and trauma survivors is a daily part of my life.  Working with pregnant mothers, and newborn babies for over 16 yrs, with both massage therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release, the youngest being just 30 minutes old, has been total joy!

Gentle Myofascial Release and/or Craniosacral Therapy are healing options to help release pressure a little one experiences during labor and delivery.  I will gladly share simple techniques you can use as a new parent at home to aid with digestion, colic, hiccups and more!  Since becoming a massage therapist my policy has been if I am treating a family member, little people under the age of two receive complimentary therapy...with mom and/or dad in the room so they can learn ways to help give their child a happier, healthier start in this world. (

Whether your labor & delivery process is 4 hrs or 24 fee is the same.  I show up as soon as possible after your call, and remain with you for approximately 2 hrs after delivery depending on what you need.  We also plan one follow-up meeting shortly after delivery to share photographs, your birth story, any concerns, and make certain all is well with the newest member of your family!

2 Pre-delivery planning meetings (2 hrs)

Unlimited phone, text, email access & on-going education/options/questions

Guidance creating a formal birth plan to make your wishes totally clear!

(Its crucial to walk in the hospital door knowing what you want for you & your baby)

Attending 1 Pre-natal visit w/ Mom @ OB/Midwife usually near delivery time (1 hr)

Attending Hospital Tour w/ you & your partner/spouse is beneficial to the staff to know you have a Doula & help get pre-birth questions answered early ( 1 hr) 

1 Pre-labor Myofascial Release session (1 1/2 hrs)

Doula by your side..."commitment from call to cradle"...only God knows how long!

Post-partum in hospital-(2 hrs)

1 Post-partum meeting @ hospital or home within days of birth (1 hr)

Total Fee: $750.00
(Myofascial treatment immediately following birth,

for your newborn complimentary, if desired.)

you may add on...

Sometimes there are things you want to add to your experience, more  bodywork*,

a surprise from Dad to Mom

help around the house

(I don't clean but can sure find someone & schedule for you!),

and I have lots of ideas & resources from simple to sensational!

These are all things we can discuss & I will gladly help in whatever way you choose.

*Travel outside of Martin, or Palm Beach County, would incur fees for transportation & lodging,

if necessary.  This pertains primarily to adoption clients, and travel outside of the country.
*Additional Individual Myofascial Release sessions are $90 per hr

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