Begin your experience...

with the goal that lives in your heart

My Pledge...

at Loving Birth Journeys...

is  a commitment to listen to you, my client, with integrity, respect and customized attention to help you create  your ideal birth experience.

Our Mission...

at Loving Birth Journeys is simple...

to support both you & your partner through the pressure of your  first contraction to the miracle of your baby snuggled softly on your breast.

Who Is Your Doula?

Linda Aileen Miller, LMT is a recently trained Doula with 66 yrs of experience on this journey called life. Her education includes Transpersonal Psychology, & she is a retired International Flight Attendant. Linda was privileged to bring many children from Russia to the USA to their adoptive families, bringing her own life full circle. As a single mom in 1969, Linda chose to gift her first born son to a family in Indiana.

Eleven years later, God blessed her with her second son, whom she had the incredible joy of raising, watching his life unfold to marry the beautiful woman of his dreams, and her's.

In 1996, Linda became a LMT, specializing in John F. Barnes, Myofascial Release.  For the past 16 yrs she has worked with hundreds of clients, many who are recovering from PTSD.  This combination of life events & her love of

children ultimately brought her

to the obvious choice of becoming


God intended birth to be as

beautiful & simple for women

as He did for all of nature.  It is

her hope to share that with you...

What We Offer

Home  & Hospital Birth Options

Support for Mom's/ Dad's/Partners


Birth Process & Newborn Photos

Making sure Mom is Looking Good!

Music for your journey


Acupressure, Rebozo & positional changes to help Dad be a integral part of the journey, and help baby find their 'happy place' after that 1st breath!


Licensed Massage Therapist offering
Myofascial Release before, during & after...for you and babe'!

Post-Partum Follow-up & MUCH MORE!